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Exceptional admission to residence in France

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Exceptional admission to residence in France is a means of regularization for illegal immigrants who can provide proof of their integration and personal and familial ties in France.

The application must be sent to the prefecture of your place of residence, and must be accompanied by a complete file containing documentary evidence of your situation, in particular proof of your integration in France, proof of your presence in France for several years, and evidence of your family, professional or social ties with France.

The decision to regularize your situation is taken by the prefecture, which assesses the situation on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the elements presented in your file.

It is important to note that the exceptional admission procedure is an exceptional means of regularization, and is not guaranteed.

Why is it advisable to call on the services of an immigration lawyer when applying for exceptional admission to residence in France?

There are several reasons why a lawyer specializing in immigration law can be very useful when applying for exptional admission to stay:

  • We can help you determine your eligibility:

Firstly, we can help you determine whether you meet the conditions for applying for exceptional admission based on your personal and professional situation, and if not, present you with alternative solutions.

We can advise you on the conditions to be met and help you put together a solid application.

  • We provide you with personalized support:

ExpatoFrance can accompany you throughout the procedure and represent you before the relevant authorities if necessary.

We can answer any questions or requests for further information from the relevant authorities.

  • If your application is refused, we can help you contest the decision.

Finally, if your application is refused, or in the event of an implied decision of refusal due to the absence of a decision within four months of the submission of your application, we can contest this decision and defend your interests before the courts.

Please do not hesitate to contact ExpatoFrance if you would like further information on the exceptional admission procedure, or if you would like us to assist you in this or any other matter.

We'll be happy to help you.


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