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Exploring Talent Passport Visas for Entrepreneurs and Investors

In the complex world of global mobility and immigration, Talent Passport Visas have become a significant tool for investors and entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in France. These visas offer a multitude of benefits and opportunities for business professionals.

Consider the case of a US-based consultant who wished to work remotely from France while maintaining his company in the United States. His desire to set up a branch of his business in France highlighted the need for the right visa.

Unless the project is particularly innovative, three major visas come into play in such a scenario: the Talent Passport Entrepreneur Visa, the Entrepreneur Visa, and the Representative Visa. All of these visas provide the opportunity to work on your project in France and own your company.

The Talent Passport Entrepreneur Visa requires an investment of 30,000 euros, offering a multi-year visa. One notable advantage of this visa is that it allows the visa holder's family to accompany them to France. Furthermore, these visas are considered 'premium' due to the specialized services and support they offer.

On the other hand, the Entrepreneur Visa, while also catering to entrepreneurs, only offers a one-year renewable visa.

Both these visas require a viable project with a solid business plan, proving the potential to generate income in France. Additionally, for the Talent Passport visa, a qualification of a master's degree or at least five years of experience in the relevant field is necessary.

Lastly, the Representative Visa is suitable for individuals who earn more than 61,500 euros per year and have been a representative of their company for more than three months. It's crucial that the individual is transitioning within the same group of companies.

It's important to carefully consider which type of company structure to establish in France. A branch, for instance, can be advantageous for representatives transitioning to a role in France, as it allows them to apply for the Representative Visa, a type of Talent Passport visa.

Understanding these options and selecting the right one can significantly streamline the process of moving to France, whether for businesses or individuals. As a Global Mobility Attorney based in Paris and Madrid, I am here to assist you in navigating these complexities and facilitating a smooth transition.


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