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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Family reunification in France is a procedure that allows foreign nationals legally residing in France to bring their spouse and/or minor children residing abroad. This procedure is designed to foster family life and preserve family unity.

Family reunification is subject to strict conditions, notably concerning the applicant's situation in France, the nature and duration of his or her family ties with the family members wishing to join him or her, and the resources and housing conditions available to accommodate the family members.

Family reunification is governed by French law and managed by the administrative authorities, in particular the prefectures, which are responsible for examining applications for family reunification and making decisions based on the situation of each applicant.

How to apply for family reunification

To apply for family reunification in France, you need to take the following steps:

1. Check that you meet the conditions;

2. Prepare the necessary documents;

3. Fill in the application form;

4. Submit the application to the appropriate OFII territorial office;

5. Wait for a reply. The processing time may vary depending on where you live, but can be several months.

Why is it advisable to call on the services of a lawyer specializing in immigration law for a family reunification application?

There are several reasons why an immigration lawyer can be very helpful when applying for family reunification:

  • We can help you determine your eligibility for family reunification:

Firstly, we can help you determine whether you meet the conditions for applying for family reunification based on your personal and professional situation, and if not, present you with alternative solutions.

We can advise you on the conditions to be met and help you put together a solid application.

  • We provide you with personalized support:

ExpatoFrance can accompany you throughout the procedure and represent you before the relevant authorities if necessary.

We can answer any questions or requests for further information from the relevant authorities.

  • If your application is refused, we can help you contest the decision.

Finally, if your application is refused, or in the event of an implicit decision of refusal due to the absence of a decision within six months of the submission of your application, we can contest this decision and defend your interests before the courts.

Please do not hesitate to contact ExpatoFrance if you have any further questions about the family reunification procedure, if you would like to be accompanied in this process, or for any other matter, we will be happy to assist you.


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