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Unlock the Doors to France: A Guide to Employment-Based Visas

Discover the right visa pathway for your professional journey in France, and learn how Blue Bridge can ease the transition


At Blue Bridge, we specialize in global mobility and immigration, helping individuals and businesses navigate the legal pathways to establishing a presence in France.

Today, we’re excited to share our very first YouTube video where Yuliana Colorado, our founder and attorney with a practice in Paris and Madrid, elaborates on the various employment-based visas available in France. She also addresses common queries regarding remote work in the country.

France presents a spectrum of employment visas catering to different professional scenarios. The Regular Work Visa, Blue Card, Employee On Assignment Visa, ICT Visa, and visas for employees of innovative companies are some of the key visas Yuliana discusses in the video. Each visa serves a unique purpose, aiding different categories of professionals in making their French dream a reality.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in the video:

  • The prerequisites and process for obtaining a Regular Work Visa.

  • The advantages of the Blue Card for highly qualified individuals.

  • Options for those whose employers do not have a permanent establishment in France.

  • The specific visa available for employees of innovative companies recognized by the French Administration.

One of the frequently asked questions we encounter is about remote work in France, especially from individuals employed by foreign companies. Yuliana sheds light on the rules governing such scenarios, providing actionable advice on how to maintain compliance with French law while working remotely.

This video is part of our ongoing effort to provide specialized advice to individuals and businesses eyeing global mobility and expatriation to France. Whether you're a highly skilled professional, a manager on an international assignment, or an innovator keen on contributing to the French economy, understanding the visa landscape is crucial.

Ready to dive deeper? Watch the video to have Yuliana guide you through the intricacies of French employment-based visas. For personalized advice and assistance, we invite you to schedule a call with our team of experts. Your journey to establishing a professional foothold in France is just a click away!

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