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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What are the advantages of the “Talent Passport” for foreign entrepreneurs?

France, as a country of economic and cultural opportunities, attracts many international talents. To facilitate their installation and professional practice, the French government has established the Talent Passport system.

As a network of lawyers specializing in immigration law, we will present the advantages of the “Talent Passport” for foreign entrepreneurs.

If you have further questions about the “Talent Passport” or wish to initiate a procedure, please contact us.

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The duration of the “Talent Passport”

In general, “Talent Passports” are multi-year residence cards that allow qualified foreigners to work and live in France for more than 3 months.

Their validity can be up to 4 years, which provides a certain stability to beneficiaries and allows them to settle in France permanently.

Talent Passports are renewable. Among the Talent Passports, there is one specific to entrepreneurs: the Talent Passport "Entrepreneurial Project", more commonly known as the "Entrepreneurial Talent Passport".

Profiles concerned by the "entrepreneur" Talent Passport

The “Entrepreneurial Talent Passport” concerns a variety of entrepreneurial profiles, working in trade, crafts, liberal professions, company creators, etc., for example: marketing consultants, IT consultants, medical professions (subject to having the necessary licenses).

This passport can also be used in case of creating a company in France, whatever the field, but subject to the necessary authorizations. This diversity of profiles makes it possible to respond to the specific needs of the French labor market and to support, among other things, innovation.

Exercise of an activity

The holder of a “Talent Passport Entrepreneur” is entitled to practice the activity for which it was issued.

Access to the entire Schengen area

The “Entrepreneurial Talent Passport”, like all other “Talent Passports”, allows beneficiaries to move freely in France and also in other European Union countries, thus offering great geographical and professional mobility.

A simplified system for families

The Talent Passport “ Entrepreneur” also offers advantages for the family of the holder. The spouse and minor children can benefit from the "accompanying family" status, which simplifies their installation and allows them to work in France without having to go through a family reunification process (Article L421-22 of the CESEDA).

A simplified application process

To obtain a Talent passeport “Entrepreneur”, applicants must submit their application to the French consulate in their country of residence and obtain a long-stay visa before applying for the Talent Passport residence card in France.

A qualified profile and investment

One of the most important conditions for obtaining an Entrepreneurial Talent Passport is to be a qualified entrepreneur.

In addition, the foreigner must have a degree at least equivalent to a master's degree or 5 years of professional experience of equivalent level.

Furthermore, the business project must be serious and viable and requires an investment of at least 30,000 euros.

Indeed, you must provide proof of an investment of at least 30,000 € in the business project (in your own resources or borrowed ressources).

Why is it recommended to use an immigration lawyer for a Talent Passport application?

An immigration lawyer can be very useful for a Talent Passport application for several reasons:

  • We can help you determine your eligibility for the Talent Passport:

First of all, we can help you determine if you are eligible for this type of visa or residence permit based on your personal and professional situation, and if not, present you with other solutions for your project. We can advise you on the conditions you must meet to obtain this Talent Passeport and help you create a solid application.

  • We provide personalize support:

Then, ExpatoFrance can accompany you throughout the entire process and represent you before the competent authorities if necessary. We can answer any questions or requests for additional information from the administration responsible for issuing the Passport.

  • In case of a refusal decision we help you challenge it

Finally, if your application is refused, we can challenge this decision and defend your interests before the courts.

To Resume:

The Entrepreneurial Talent Passport is advantageous for qualified entrepreneurs wishing to create their activity in France.

It offers an extended duration of stay, facilitated professional mobility, a simplified system for families, and favored social and cultural integration.

Feel free to get in touch with ExpatoFrance if you've found this article helpful, and we will be happy to assist you with your procedures.


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